About Dr. Eva Selhub

evaI am an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Clinical Associate of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and trained in Eastern medical practices. I have a private practice in Waltham, Massachusetts providing integrative medicine and resiliency coaching to my clients. I am also a motivational speaker, teacher and trainer and have lectured throughout the United States, Europe, China and Israel.

As an expert in the stress physiology and the mind/body approach to patient care, I have been involved in the training of healthcare professionals and coaches from all over the world.

In my practice and presentations, I adopt an integrated approach to health and well-being, using both Western and Eastern healing techniques to coach individuals to create optimum health and resilience. Using my intuitive counseling abilities and scientific knowledge, I guide clients to discover happiness, well-being and ultimately, how to stay resilient through life’s obstacles.

I am the author of The Love Response (Ballantine 2009) and Your Brain on Nature (Wiley 2012), have been published in medical journals, featured in national publications, and am a media spokesperson.