Dr. Selhub,
My name is Brenna, a Freshman at Simpson College in Indianola, IA. I have just finished reading your book, “Your Brain on Nature” for a class focused completely on applying concepts you discuss to our daily lives. Your book has really opened my eyes to the way I live my life while also rekindling my love for nature. As a college student, stress and anxiety about classes, and personal success is overwhelming, but many discussions in this book about stress relief in nature has really helped. Who knew that a concept like forest bathing could be a cure for stress of the mind and body? In our class, we practiced this by going on walks and literally hugging trees. We wanted to experience the environment with positivity and excitement without the constant nagging of our phones, and it worked. I started looking for more ways to in cooperate nature into my everyday life, asking myself “did you get your vitamin G today?”

I am at Simpson to study environmental science and this book has shown me the importance of the environment in a very different way than what I am studying. More than ever, I know that the environment gives us so much and efforts should be made to preserve what we have! I believe that if more people knew about the emotional effects of being in nature they would be more motivated to do things like recycle, and put sustainability at the forefront of industry and agricultural methods. I agree that we just need to motivate people to go outside and use our free time to go on a walk or hike outside instead of being consumed by technology. If we did, we would not only be a happier, healthier, and lower stressed world, but we would also be preserving the planet. Wouldn’t that be great? I think so.

Thanks again for teaching me the benefits of nature on stress and our health while also reminding me of my love of the environment.

Brenna Yeutsy