Eva Selhub has written a guide that is persuasive and eminently practical in pointing the choices that make a substantive difference in maintaining or re=covering good health, and she has done it in a manner that shows the reader precisely how to develop “the systems your body and mind need to stay strong and vibrant.”

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David Feinstein, PH.DClinical Psychologist

Your health is indeed your destiny! You control it with your attitudes, habits and activities. At least 85% of all diseases are results of your choices. Choose wisely from the many great prescriptions in this important book.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D, Ph.DFounder and CEO, National Institute of Holistic Medicine

We have a tendency these days of giving our health over to our genes and other factors beyond our control. The key insight of Your Health Destiny is that our health is not fixed, but can be constructed by the decisions and choices we confront every day.

Larry Dossey, MDAuthor of Reinventing Medicine and One Mind

Your Health Destiny awakens us from our misguided passive reliance upon pharmaceutical remedies that so often fall short. Selhub’s empowering text will transform your perspective, providing the tools to actively and fundamentally change your destiny as it relates to health, disease resistance, and longevity.

David Perlmutter, MD, FACNNew York Times #1 Bestselling Author of Grain Brain