In my workshops and retreats, I guide participants through the hard science behind the physical benefits of deliberately shifting into a place of love and proactively creating the bonds we need to do so– with others, with ourselves, with the divine. Participants learn that love in the form of affection, self-nurturance and altruistic works improves health on every level. I then instruct participants in a set of simple practices that allows them to find – in mere moments – an inner stillness, enabling the neurobiology of love to bring the body and mind into a state of flow and resilience, the hallmarks of health.

My approach is based on what I term the “Love Response®” – the chain of bio-chemical processes that occur in the body when a person operates from love – and its complement, the “Stress Response” – the chain of bio-chemical processes that occur when a person operates from fear. The two are meant to co-exist in a fine balancing act. When they do, the stress system remains regulated, resulting in health and well-being. However, when the Fear Response dominates too often and for too long, the stress system runs amok, resulting in a physical make up conducive to illness and disease.

The objectives of The Love Response® Workshops & Retreats include:

  • Understanding stress physiology, the stress response and the relationship to health and disease.
  • Understanding the physiology of love, the Love Response®, as an antidote to stress and stress physiology.
  • Skill building in tools for coping better, thinking more clearly, becoming more creative, and for turning obstacles into opportunities for success.
  • Skill building in the Active Belief System™ method, Dr. Selhub’s proprietary method which teaches you to actively change beliefs and your physiology into the Love Response®.

The Love Response® Workshops & Retreats are invaluable for:

  • any individual interested in gaining insight into the importance of love for health.
  • Western-trained as well as alternative healthcare practitioners,
  • social workers,
  • psychologists,
  • educators,
  • corporate managers in human resources, training, and leadership development

For more information about upcoming workshops and retreats or to bring a resilience program to your organization, get in touch with me.