Meditations on Life, Love, and Flow

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Audio Download. This is the most recent production of Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern: Life-affirming meditations by Dr. Selhub combined with Steven Halpern’s healing music support your health and wellbeing more

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Breast Health Meditations

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Audio Download. Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern harness the power of the mind to support your health and well-being with life-affirming affirmations and healing music. Reduce stress. Choose to feel good. Empower your body’s natural ability to heal.

Finding Stillness

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Audio CD. Let Dr. Eva guide you back into balance, self-awareness and improved well-being. The three beautiful guided relaxations accompanied by peaceful music include 1. Calming Within; 2. The Light Fall; and 3. Finding Stillness. Reduce Stress. Feel Good.

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Relax into Love

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Audio CD. A beautiful guided meditation audio CD by Dr. Eva Selhub, which entices listeners to use light and love to be brought into a place of peace and relaxation. Reduce stress. Feel lighter and more loved.

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