Dr. Eva Selhub

Dr. Eva Selhub is a globally respected expert in resilience, a physician, acclaimed author, captivating keynote speaker, and spiritual guide. Her transformative energy, intuitive guidance, scientific expertise, and practical mindset inspire profound change and growth in her clients and audiences worldwide.  With nearly two decades at Harvard Medical School and as a former Medical Director at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Eva’s expertise in leadership, well-being, and resilience is unparalleled. She redefines approaches to these facets, blending alternative healing methods, strategic thinking, and purposeful living. With her unique blend, Dr. Eva empowers executives to embrace purpose-driven leadership, fostering environments where well-being and resilience are foundational. Her methodologies not only elevate professional performance but also cultivate harmonious work cultures where conflict resolution becomes a strategic asset rather than a challenge.


Through personalized consultations, seminars, and coaching sessions, Dr. Selhub equips executives with practical tools rooted in both scientific understanding and spiritual wisdom. This transformative approach not only enhances leadership styles but also reshapes mindsets, enabling executives to navigate complexities with clarity and compassion.


Executives under Dr. Eva’s guidance witness a shift—embracing a holistic view of leadership that integrates personal well-being, resilience, and strategic thinking. This holistic approach results in not just improved professional performance but also in a profound transformation of organizational dynamics, fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and enduring success.


Dr. Eva has authored six books, Burnout for Dummies, Resilience for Dummies, Your Health Destiny, The Stress Management Handbook, The Love Response, and the co-author of Your Brain on Nature  She has been featured in esteemed publications like The New York Times and showcased on platforms such as the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Eva embodies her teachings. Known for her warmth and open-mindedness, her engaging presence resonates in individual consultations, corporate seminars, spiritual retreats, and keynote lectures, encouraging audiences to believe in transformation, reconnect with their spiritual core, and find resilience, joy, and fulfillment.