Dr Eva Selhub

Dr. Eva Selhub is a globally recognized expert in resilience, physician, executive coach, acclaimed author, sought-after keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor. Her transformative energy, intuitive guidance, scientific expertise, and practical mindset inspire profound change and growth in her clients and audiences worldwide.  With nearly two decades as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and as a former Medical Director at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Eva’s expertise in leadership, well-being, and resilience is unparalleled. She redefines approaches to these facets, blending alternative healing methods, strategic thinking, and purposeful living. With her unique blend, Dr. Eva empowers you to embrace purpose-driven leadership, where well-being and resilience are foundational. Her methodologies will elevate your performance while also cultivating harmony within yourself, work environment and home.


Dr. Eva’s transformative method enriches leadership capabilities and cultivates a mindset that enables individuals to navigate challenges with clarity and empathy. Under Dr. Eva’s guidance, you will witness a shift—embracing a holistic view of leadership that harmonizes personal well-being, resilience, and strategic acumen. This comprehensive approach doesn’t solely enhance professional performance; it also triggers a profound shift personally, in your relationships, your health, and overall life satisfaction.

What to expect

1. **Harness Stress Mastery:** Utilize stress positively to enhance performance and resilience in the executive role.2. **Transform Negative Patterns:** Overcome limiting beliefs and habits to foster personal growth, enhancing harmony within the workplace.

2. **Optimize mental health:** Move through anxiety or depressive symptoms and cultivate self-awareness, self-love, and enhanced happiness.

3. **Discover Purpose:** Discover purpose and joy, fostering improved communication and conflict management skills.

4. **Navigate Relationships:** Overcome challenges to promote transformation and healing in professional interactions.

5. **Enhance Strategic Thinking:** Cultivate innovative, strategic, and creative thinking, benefiting problem-solving and workplace harmony.

6. **Tap into Natural Healing:** Develop skills to naturally heal from physical and emotional stressors, positively impacting performance.

7. **Attain Personal and Professional Harmony:** Nurture inner stillness for improved communication, conflict resolution, and overall workplace harmony.

8. **Enhance performance:** Develop a consistent mindfulness and meditation practice for sustained executive performance and effective conflict management.

What Others are Saying

Dr. Eva’s approach takes modalities from science, medicine, cognitive behavior therapy, psychology, mediation and spirituality and combines them in an easy to follow program that promotes active healing, growth and well being.

Jill S.

Dr. Eva has helped me not only cope, but begin to thrive, in ways I would not have thought possible. My relationships and outlook on life have both improved immeasurably in large part due to the guidance, teaching and loving care I have received during our work together.

Coaching Options
One month with Dr. Eva

With her ability to laser in on your core issues, Dr. Selhub will guide you to overcome obstacles, learn how to utilize stress to your advantage, improve personal growth, find balance within, despite stress and chaos, and to enhance professional accountability as you expand upon your personal and team commitments. She will guide you to transcend any struggle you might have with persistent and unhelpful thoughts/beliefs/actions, to discover more joy, purpose, fulfillment and success.

The month includes an initial session involves a Dr. Selhub’s proprietary stress physiology assessment and a six pillar assessment, translation of findings to address obstacles and concerns, intuitive counseling, and an initial plan with take-home action steps. Weekly sessions will then follow where you also have access to Dr. Selhub throughout the month.

Initial Consultation

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Coaching in Three

Coaching in 3 Months. With her ability to laser in on your core issues, Dr. Eva will guide you to overcome obstacles, advise you on your spiritual path, improve your personal growth, find balance within despite stress and chaos, and enhance professional accountability as you expand upon your personal and team commitments.

During this three-month period, Dr. Eva will coach you to cultivate your six pillars of resilience, move through conscious and unconscious blocks or obstacles, improve health, build self awareness and mindfulness, uncover your own spiritual path, learn to meditate and discover peace and stillness, initiate change to meet goals, improve organizational skills as well as professional presence.

You will also receive a free download to her meditation CD “Meditations for Life, Love, and Flow” done in cooperation with renowned musician and sound healer, Steven Halpern, as well as a free download of The Seven-Day Filter Diet.

Individuals who choose this package will receive regular check-ins via email or phone from Dr. Eva.  You have access to Dr. Eva when you need (preferably you text and she calls you back at a good time).

3 Month Coaching Package

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Coaching in Six

Over the span of six months, Dr. Eva will guide you through a transformative journey focused on nurturing your six pillars of resilience. Together, we’ll navigate conscious and subconscious barriers, enhancing your well-being, heightening self-awareness, and fostering mindfulness. Through tailored sessions, you’ll master meditation techniques, uncovering profound peace and tranquility while catalyzing change to achieve your goals. This comprehensive program involves weekly sessions for the initial 10 weeks, transitioning to bi-weekly sessions, totaling 17 empowering sessions within the six-month time frame. Should your schedule require, we can condense the sessions into a shorter period with weekly meetings.

Each individual receives personalized coaching and a complimentary download of Dr. Eva’s meditation CD, ‘Meditations for Life, Love, and Flow,’ created in collaboration with the esteemed sound healer, Steven Halpern. Additionally, participants opting for this package benefit from regular check-ins via email or phone, ensuring consistent support throughout the journey. Access to Dr. Eva is readily available for you—preferably via text, enabling her to schedule a convenient time for a call. Moreover, participants will receive a complimentary download of ‘The Seven-Day Filter Diet‘ enhancing the holistic approach to your well-being.

6 Month Coaching Package

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