Upgrading executive health to optimal wellness translates into success


  • Improve the bottom line and the effectiveness of your organization by better managing the chronic health conditions and stress related problems that burden your executives.
  • Engage your executives to master stress and use it to their advantage without incurring negative health consequences.
  • Implement practical, efficient and effective solutions to decrease executive sick time, injury, or absenteeism, while enhancing productivity, focus, engagement, creativity and optimal leadership.



As an internationally-renowned physician, author and speaker in the field of mind-body medicine and stress resiliency, I know that the success of any individual or corporation relies on the optimal health of individuals, especially leaders, if they are to be productive, innovative and able to adapt to stress.


With over 20 years of experience as a Harvard physician and lecturer, I present programs to promote corporate and individual wellness. I utilize my medical expertise and knowledge on stress, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and the body’s natural healing abilities to help individuals enhance personal care and resilience, and ultimately function more successfully in their personal and professions worlds.


Get focused, innovative, and practical approaches that work.


My targeted methods:

  1. Simple
  2. Engaging
  3. Based on people’s personal values
  4. Goal-oriented
  5. Fit into people’s daily lives.
  6. Profoundly effective


My 20+ years of practice has been proven to:

  1. Reduce need for medications.
  2. Improve health conditions as hypertension, heart disease, insomnia, chronic pain, diabetes, depression and anxiety.
  3. Improve leadership abilities.
  4. Enhance innovation, creativity and mental acuity.


My services can be offered in a variety of formats:

  1. Keynote lectures, seminars, retreats or workshops to executives or the entire company (see sample lecture titles below).
  2. Overseeing a corporate wellness program or advise on existing programs.
  3. Evaluating and making recommendation for environmental enhancements that will positively influence health and wellbeing of staff.
  4. Providing individualized coaching for key executives and leaders.
  5. Training existing coaches and/or personnel (human resources, executive coaches) in easy to apply methods to keep employees engaged and well.

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Examples of Presentations, Workshops, & Programs
*Move Beyond Stress & Tap into Your Innate Creative Genius

Stress not only negatively affects health, but it also blocks the mind’s natural ability to be innovative, creative or relaxed enough to take in new ideas to be processed with clarity. Through of series of exercise and an explanation of how the stress response works and how it can be utilized to help rather than to hurt, this lecture shows the audience how to tap into the individual’s ability to be creative, innovative and respond to new ideas.


For more information go to www.drselhubcorporate.com , contact Dr. Selhub or write to [email protected]

The Resilient Woman

A two-day workshop for emerging women executive leaders

In a world that is rampant with stress and life that is taxed with high demands, most women, especially busy executives, find they have little time for self-care, self-awareness, and self-reflection. As such, many busy women struggle with finding work-life balance, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the ability to fully have enjoyment, fulfillment, a powerful voice in the workplace, and ultimately, resilience.


In this two-day work shop, Dr. Eva Selhub provides participants with the skills and tools to beat stress, find physical and mental vitality, and discover the true path to resilience.


Benefits include:


  • Learn to truly understand how to use it to your advantage, rather than letting it destroy you.
  • Develop heightened self-awareness through understanding the language of the body and enhancing clarity of the mind.
  • Improve energy and vitality.
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you reduce stress, access your higher intelligence as well as your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive.
  • Learn physical exercises to improve your core strength.
  • Learn skills to enhance concentration and productivity.


*Use Stress to Your Advantage

Stress is natural in our every day lives. In the work place, a little stress can be motivating, helpful, influencing productivity and excitement about possible success. Too much stress though, can be debilitating and may often lead to more sick days, loss of motivation, productivity and creativity.

In this lecture, the audience learns the difference between adaptive stress and maladaptive stress, how to become aware of the warning signs that maladaptive stress is taking over, and how to transition out of any situation to harness the mind and body’s resilience and power to use stress before it uses you.

For more information go to www.drselhubcorporate.com , contact Dr. Selhub or write to [email protected]

*Stress Leadership and Resilience

Resilient leaders have the ability to think clearly and find solutions to complex situations even under duress, are able to maintain adaptability and flexibility in the midst of change, and ultimately thrive in the face of adversity and stress. Indeed, while resilient executives know that stress is key to motivation, productivity and innovation, they also know that if this stress goes unhindered, without balance and dedication to personal renewal and self-care, success will come at the expense of illness, problematic relationships and sub-optimal leadership.

Success does not need to come at the price of poor health.

In this presentation, the audience learnshow to differentiate between adaptive and maladaptive stress, to become attuned to the warning signs that maladaptive stress is taking over, and to cultivate the skills and action steps needed to use stress to their advantage to enable optimization of health, self-awareness and resilient leadership.



For more information go to www.drselhubcorporate.com , contact Dr. Selhub or write to [email protected]