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The 10-Day Challenge to Uncover the Vibrant You!

eva-blue1In this world rampant with stress and toxins your mind and body are on constant overload from the high demands on your life. Most of us have little time left for self-care and self-awareness.

Though you might find yourself experiencing moments of happiness, you likely find that you cannot sustain those moments because you have too much stress in your life, too many worries, or too frequent aches and pains.

The typical reaction when the tough starts happening is that your old negative habits start kicking in because these habits serve to comfort you. They help you cope during times of need. And even though you know that eating a pint of ice cream every night isn’t good for you, you can’t stop because you feel this eating binge is actually helping you cope.

You have two choices…either get rid of the stress in your life or develop better, healthier and really satisfying habits that not only help you cope, but enable you to thrive.

This 10-day Challenge will prepare you to do both. Read more

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Choose Happy! Choose Healthy!

products_happy-and-healthyDid you know that STRESS is now recognized among the most significant health concerns worldwide?

This new 8-week online program was designed to help you develop resilience and use stress to your advantage.

Fear, anger, and anxiety are natural and sometimes helpful, but when they go on for too long they can lead to a list of debilitating ailments. Insomnia, heart disease, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, and many others are now so common we assume they are unavoidable.

I invite you to discover your own natural ability to cope with stress and strengthen your ability to heal.

Developing the resilience we need to cope with the challenges of everyday life is a skill we can all acquire if we practice it. Reading about health, balance, and resilience is not enough.

When we put the theory into practice we master the art of choosing our stress response and acting from a place of love and gratitude instead of anger and fear. That’s why I created this new program. more

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Meditations on Life, Love & Flow
Politics, Bad News, Vicarious Trauma & Your Health

Audio Download. This is the most recent production of Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern: Life-affirming meditations by Dr. Selhub combined with Steven Halpern’s healing music support your health and wellbeing.

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Finding Stillness

Audio CD. Let Dr. Eva guide you back into balance, self-awareness and improved well-being. The three beautiful guided relaxations accompanied by peaceful music include 1. Calming Within; 2. The Light Fall; and 3. Finding Stillness. Reduce Stress. Feel Good.

(note:  This is not a download, but actual audio CD)

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Relax into Love

Audio CD. A beautiful guided meditation audio CD by Dr. Eva Selhub, which entices listeners to use light and love to be brought into a place of peace and relaxation. Reduce stress. Feel lighter and more loved.

(note:  This is not a download, but actual audio CD)

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