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Meditations for Love, Life and Flow


This is the most recent production of Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern: Life-affirming meditations by Dr. Selhub combined with Steven Halpern’s healing music support your health and wellbeing.

Reclaim Your Life 6-Week Online Course


Thanks for your interest in Dr. Eva’s Open Your Heart, Reclaim YourSelf & Your Life Course: A six-week seminar aimed to help you find your bliss, find yourself and transform your life with a bonus free introductory lecture.

The 7-Day Filter Diet


Are you ready to embark on the road to fit, fine and healthy? This 7-day cleanse will help you do just that, giving you the kick start you need to begin eating healthy in a way that not only cleanses your body and mind of unwanted toxins, but also helps you to feel energized, happier and lean.

Choose Happy! Choose Healthy!


This new online course integrates Western medical science, Eastern healing methods, and powerful insights from my clinical practice to address stress and health in ways that are straightforward, down to earth and easy to understand.