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One month coaching

With her ability to laser in on your core issues, Dr. Selhub will guide you to overcome obstacles, learn how to utilize stress to your advantage, improve personal growth, find balance within despite stress and chaos. Contact Dr. Selhub for more information.

Coaching in 6

The six-month package is recommended mostly because it takes time for behavior changes to take place, for new habits to form and for individuals to see the positive benefits of their improved fitness levels of the five pillars of resilience. Get fit mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and change your life now! Contact Dr. Selhub now for more information.

Choose Happy! Choose Healthy!


This new online course integrates Western medical science, Eastern healing methods, and powerful insights from my clinical practice to address stress and health in ways that are straightforward, down to earth and easy to understand.

Meditations on Life, Love and Flow


This is the most recent production of Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern: Life-affirming meditations by Dr. Selhub combined with Steven Halpern’s healing music support your health and wellbeing.

Finding Stillness


Audio Download: Dr. Eva Selhub & Steven Halpern harness the power of the mind to support your health and well-being with life-affirming affirmations and healing music. Reduce stress. Choose to feel good. Empower your body’s natural ability to heal.

Relax into Love


A beautiful guided meditation audio (downloadable immediately) by Dr. Eva Selhub, which entices listeners to use light and love to be brought into a place of peace and relaxation. Reduce stress. Feel lighter and more loved.