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Your Health Destiny

health destiny 3Dr. Eva Selhub’s forthcoming book, Your Health Destiny, represents the culmination of her 20 years of practice in medicine with her experience in working with more esoteric healing traditions.

There’s no way around it: The human body is designed to get sick. But because your body takes its cues from your thoughts and emotions – and not the other way around – you can take control of your health, rather than letting your health take control of you. more

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Dynamic Presentations

Captivate your audience with Dr. Eva’s powerful energy, vast knowledge and gift to translate esoteric or complex information into practical, understandable, life enhancing guidance. Her dynamic presentations inspire, challenge, and motivate participants to not only improve their health, but also enhance their creative potential, leadership skills, and relationships for good. more

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Engaging Programs

Head over to the online store and browse through Dr. Eva’s collection of empowering, engaging audio and online programs that will bring you back into balance, self-awareness and improved well-being. Guided meditations, healing music, and online programs full of practical and spiritual guidance will harness the power of your mind to claim your health, feel good, be happy more

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Resiliency Coaching

Move beyond limiting beliefs and take the power of health back into your hands! Sign up for truly transformative coaching with Dr. Eva today. Using her expertise as a mind-body scholar, meditation teacher, and intuitive counselor Dr. Eva will guide you into discovering the gentle, loving and grounded power within you to heal and transform your life and health for good. more